Sydney Package

Book a window seat for your flight to Sydney: day or night, this dirty town sure is good-lookin’. Skin-deep? Sure, but Sydney is also arty, sporty, boozy, funny, fashionable…the perfect paramour!

It’s little wonder that Sydney causes a brain drain on the rest of Australia. Like New York, London and Berlin, this is a place that draws in anyone who’s got something interesting to say. Australia’s best musos, foodies, actors, stockbrokers, models, writers and architects flock to the Harbour City to make their mark, and the effect is dazzling: a hyperenergetic, ambitious marketplace of the soul, where anything goes and everything usually does.

Of course, the stage for all this activity is just as important as the performance itself. Shimmering Sydney Harbour is the city’s greatest asset, while Sydney’s ocean beaches and lush parks sustain as much life as the city streets. Add hip bars, grungy pubs, breezy cafes and glass-walled restaurants to the equation, and you’ve got a town with the perfect balance of outdoor and indoor, natural and contrived.

Paddle out into it and see what kind of trouble you can get into: get dumped by breakers at Bondi, chew chicken’s feet in Chinatown, max out your credit card in Paddington, drink too many beers in Balmain, queue-jump for Opera House tickets and ignore dawn’s break at a Kings Cross club. Sexy, spirited and unfailingly self-confident, Sydney is a bonfire of the vanities just waiting for you to light the match.

Text from Lonely Planet