Melbourne Package

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Explore Australia Tour - Aug 18, 2013
Group Departure:  Aug 18-26, 2013
Tour Price from $2,988.00++ per person
Visiting Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane

Full Package (with airfare):
Melbourne Free and Easy: May01-Sep30, 2013 (updated 5/14/13)

Land Arrangement (no airfare):
Australia 4D3N Land Arrangement until Sep 2013
City packages for Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns and Perth

Flinders Station in Melbourne

Sophisticated and slick, edgy and rough, Melbourne’s physical and cultural landscape is shaped by a dynamic population, ever-ravenous for a bite of global culture. The result is Australia’s most accessible multiculturalism. Ornate Victorian-era architecture and leafy, established boulevards reflect the city’s history, and cutting-edge developments such as Federation Sq exemplify its enigmatic contemporary style. But, Melburnians still keep their urban frenzy to a deliciously sedate pace. Trams lumber back and forth on routes radiating out like spokes from central Melbourne, and cycling is a common way to get from A to Z.

Character-filled neighbourhoods, such as Fitzroy, St Kilda and Carlton, hum with life and the city produces some of the best art, music, cuisine, fashion, performance, design and ideas in the world. Melburnians are also devoted to their sport and they go ballistic around the Australian Football League (AFL; ‘footy’ to the locals) finals and during Spring Racing Carnival. They love to shop, eat and attend the myriad festivals that the city offers. You’ll even find them defending the city’s temperamental weather, and if you’ve ever experienced Melbourne’s inclination to plummet from searing heat to drizzling rain in the space of an hour, you’ll understand that this must be the true definition of unconditional love.

Text from Lonely Planet