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March 24-26, 2007

After our Whaleshark Encounter in Donsol, we headed off to Legazpi City. Having only seen Mayon Volcano in postcards, we were excited to see it for real. The locals say that this volcano is 'shy' as its peak,  more often than not, is covered by clouds.  Mayon can actually be glimpsed from Legazpi Airport.

Our guides toured us around the city.  We drove up to a view deck to see Mayon in its full glory. From atop, one can see Legazpi airport and the whole town. The locals come here to hang out to enjoy the space and the fresh air. There were a number of vendors selling barbeque, hotdog and balut (chick embryo). The sun was setting then and the sky was a lovely play of orange, pink and pale blue. It was a perfect day for the volcano to show itself.

So glad that Mayon showed herself!

Looks like Mt. Calvary, right?  This spot is part of the view deck.
a Legazpi sunset

View of Albay down below

We then went to the Cagsawa ruins in Daraga.  The road going there was muddy, rockt  and still had a bit of lahar.

Only the belfry remains as an eerie reminder of Mayon's fury on Febuary 1, 1814. The eruption buried the town of Cagsawa in lava flows killing about 1,200 people. Many of them sought refuge in the town's church, thinking that would be saved. Today, this spot has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Albay. 

Cagsawa Ruins with the shy Mayon Volcano in the background

view of the top from inside the belfry

There were a lot of kids who sold postcards and pictures to tourists.

In the evening, our guides took us to what they said is their most poular street.  It had rows and rows of stalls that sold lugaw (rice porridge with beef), mami (chicken noodle soup), and all sorts of street food.  We picked a spot and ate as the locals did. What a fun experience! :)

Filling our sticks with fishballs and kwek-kwek (boiled egg)

the street scene -- still so very alive at night

about to have our lugaw and mami with our guides

ingredients of chicken noodle soup

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