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Baguio is the Summer Capital of the Philippines.  Baguio still draws a lot of visitors, mainly city dwellers, to its cool climate.  During the cold months of December to February, temperature drops to as low as 8-degrees Celsius.

Pine trees still grow here especially inside Camp Jon Hay.  Personally, I think that staying inside CJH is the closest one could get to experiencing the 'old Baguio.'   Lots of new developments like malls and hotels can now be found here that make this mountainous province more city-like.  I still like going up here despite that and the six-hour travel time.  I love the cool air, the parks, the fresh flowers, vegetables and strawberries!

If you are new here, these are the things and places you shouldn't miss:

* Stay in Camp John Hay Manor.  The accommodation is nice and the area on which it sits is ideal for walking or running.  Lots of pine trees here!  There are many restaurants and shops inside as well as a golf course.

Camp John Hay Manor

Camp John Hay Manor's cozy interior

* Visit The Bell House and its Amphitheater.  This is located inside Camp John Hay. This was the original vacation home of General Franklin Bell, the Commanding General of the Philippines in 1911.

A beautiful garden named after Franklin Bell.  This amphitheatre
was designed for outdoor performances and is now a popular
place for weddings and other events.

* Go to Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad.  At the time we were there in December, the strawberries weren't ripe for picking yet.  Nonetheless, we had a good time just going through the field and looking at the fresh produce.  Aside from strawberries, other vegetables are also grown here like iceberg lettuce and some other greens. 

Just outside the field, vendors sell pre-packed strawberries, strawberry taho and strawberry dirty ice cream :)

Strawberry fields forever

'pretending' to pick strawberries

fresh lettuce

* Eat in Cafe By The Ruins. Now a restaurant transformed from the ruins of the home of the first Governor of Baguio, Phelps Whitmarsh.  The house was built in 1900's and was destroyed during World War II.  The restaurant serves organic food and showcases local art.  Sometimes, painting lessons are held here.
art lesson in Cafe By The Ruins

Fresh green salad, adobo flakes and organic rice

* Have lunch or dinner in Forest House.  I like its cozy log cabin interior and their mix of international and local cuisine.

* Visit The Mansion, the official summer residence of the President of the Philippines.  I don't think people are allowed to go inside the mansion, but just a little past the iron gates.  The Mansion is said to have been patterned after the Buckingham Palace in London.

* Ride a horse in Wright Park -  a very 'Baguio' thing to do :)

Picture from Aenet 

* Visit Burnham Park.   Take a boat ride on the lake perhaps?

(Photo by Jean and Ray Burnham)

* Buy goods in Baguio City Market.  Anything and everything is sold here.

Photo from Cityknown

* Enjoy a fresh strawberry shake.  This cannot get any fresher here!

* Other photos are Skycab's own.

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